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The Best Beach Resort in the World - Part 2

Continued from "The Best Beach Resort in the World - Part 1"

I was on island with only 3 other guests and 5 restaurants setup every night, at the ready until all guests retired for the evening. Except for festive/holiday seasons reservations are rarely necessary. Visit the Seagrass restaurant to enjoy the view at sunset and order your favorite appetizer menu from the Plantation House (delivered via golf cart). Casually mention that you might stop by the pool bar and your drink of choice will be waiting for you. "Dine By Design" Imagine it and it will happen, a jungle horseback ride to a special preset lunch, sunset canapés on a yacht... this is an ultra-luxury private island here to fulfill your desires. One afternoon I was exploring one of the farther corners of the island and my golf cart got a flat tire. The entire trip was absolutely ruined for 20 seconds until I remembered to press a button on my cell phone. 2 staff magically appeared at my location in a few minutes smiling and offered me a bottle of water. They provided me with a new set of keys and sent me on my way while they attended to the hobbled cart. Luxury travel is travel without worry, and I easily could have missed my submarine dive but this is Laucala, and I had the sub all to myself for the afternoon.

Beach volleyball and shuffleboard are available and might be interesting, if you're spending a few weeks on island. Rather, charter a private yacht to go deep sea fishing & scuba diving or learn to sail a traditional Fijian outrigger. The resort maintains 14 boats, planes and an acrobatic submarine. Powered by an injection of Red Bull, boredom does not exist. The prerequisite "traditional Fijian style" basket weaving is available in the cultural bure, but activities are limited only by your imagination. Spend a day with a private PGA Pro on an empty, Instagram-ready course, dive for lobster and cook with the chef, kitesurf off a yacht, spend hours dreaming away in the orchid garden, take a plane up for an island circumnavigation while you let the kids help out as much (or as little) as they want in the farm. The island is yours. Everyone is attended to redundantly and the world famous Fijian hospitality is omnipresent.

The spa is a tranquil, hidden network of individual treatment rooms tucked into the hillside connected by wooden walkways. Treatments are varied and extensive and an activity intended to keep children occupied may actually be more popular with adults. Work along side licensed spa technicians to make your own amenities using local ingredients (and of course bring them home!).

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That brings us to maybe the most amazing thing about Laucala. While you feel absolutely wrapped in luxury every moment, it's not about excess. Just the opposite, the island is almost 100% self-sustainable. From hydroponic greenhouses, to herb gardens, to a farm full of pigs, goats and chickens, 95% of everything served is grown on island (5 restaurants, all with separate menus). Guest room chairs, golf carts, a yacht; almost everything is also repaired on-island. Laucala was not created to be a profitable venture and that's what makes it's so special. It's the model of a self sustaining ultra-luxury resort, a growing trend in the industry. Their dedication to soft impact and underlying respect for culture, tradition and nature ensure Laucala Island will be the pack leader for many years to come.

It's the kind of resort where Hollywood's elite are welcome..., as long they pay just like every everyone else. Rates typically range from $5,000-$45,000 per night, per villa (some requiring prior approval from the owner) so it's not for everyone, but it's an unbelievable corner of the world that you simply must experience first hand to appreciate.

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Far and away the #1 Expedition: Bucket List - Private Island, this is the best beach resort and hotel in the world that I know of, but I'll continue to travel the world to find a match. I have my eye on a few... (you know who you are).

This is not a place one goes to be seen, nor will you ever see it advertised.

"You don't know what you don't know, and now you know."

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