Expedition: Bucket List
Above. Beyond. Out of the Ordinary.


I learned to read from a AAA Tour Book

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They say you should start from the beginning...

The son of a magazine advertising executive, I visited 40 states before kindergarten. To keep me occupied I was given AAA tour books to help determine the best place to stay next. Once I experienced my first indoor/outdoor pool I was hooked. I learned the importance of frequenting fine establishments and spent hours deciphering hotel reviews trying to find this newly discovered, rare amenity. 

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Ever the consummate inspector, that love of travel has transitioned into a life traveling the world reviewing the finest hotels, resorts, cruises and tours for the travel industry.  The articles I write are part of a private guide used by over 40,000 unique travel agents every month to educate them and help their clients. The unique access I gain on assignment as a travel correspondent allows me to experience amazing things in unbelievable places. Often long after the trip is completed I'm still working with suppliers I've met on-site verifying details and solidifying relationships.

I got here through a circuitous route. Having been a musician since I was 4 years old I naturally gravitated towards that route throughout grade school.  Coming to the realization that I could (theoretically) travel the world playing music I was sold and obtained a degree in Classical Music Performance.  I started a record label and formed and managed a 10 piece band (not classical) for years until I came to the realization that this was not going to be the kind of travel I was interested in. After summering in Aspen a few times during the 90's I finally settled here permanently in 1999.

I worked in tourism in Aspen for over a decade until opening a full service travel agency in 2011 specializing in destination resorts and adventure travel. Now I travel the world searching out the most unique experiences in popular (and not so popular) destinations to help bring your dreams to life. We can add a bucket list experience to a personal or professional trip you have to make, or curate custom itineraries around the world based on your specific interests. Travel isn't the destination, it's the journey from door to door as well as how you spend your time in the destinations in between. 

Luxury is the option to have options, and luxury travel is travel without worry. We have personal friends in parts of the world few people can even access, and we can open doors for you that you never knew existed.

And now I get to take mom on site tour trips... (watch on a phone or tablet for best results)